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Chopa Tribe

by Molax Chopa

Handcrafted Sterling Silver, leather and gemstone Jewellery.

With a heart guided by the moon and the beating of the drums, they are protectors, huntresses, faithful's, believer's in more than that can be seen.  because we know, we feel, and we continue to strengthen, we are the many...

We are The Spirit Warriors.

She will find nature infused Burlesque, Cyber Egyptian, cosmic Punk, Goth warrior and Native tribal styles.

He will find brutalist tribal infusions, protection amulets, a dash of animal instinct and all things that make the heart thrive.


2021 Chopa Tribe

No one culture or belief system can guide us.

Only the belief in a freedom that continues to drive us. 

We are Facing our truths, becoming stronger.

even though our days appear to be getting ever so longer.

as we delve deeper, into the realms of our consciousness.

We find us, ourselves, the survivors.

Who thrive in the light and in our darkness.  

 We all have a message and our own beautiful song.

thriving for all of us to get along.

battling any obstacle that tries to side lines us,

because we are the goddesses and gods of kindness...

We are The Spirit Warriors.

Chopa Tribe's unique silver designs are crafted from wax, clay or natural materials, then casted to be produced as pendants and accessories using the lost wax casting process, producing beautifully unique and customisable items that can't be found anywhere else.

All jewellery is individually finished by hand by London Silversmith Molax Chopa. 


There are fusions of metals and leather throughout her collections, incorporating beautiful semi-precious gemstones and eco friendly woods.  All items are handmade to order, so making an item unique and personal to you, is why you guys love Chopa Tribe so much!

"I hope you find great pleasure wearing my Jewellery, all jewellery is made and designed with care and love."

Molax Chopa, London, UK

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