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Chopa Tribe

by Molax Chopa

Handcrafted Sterling Silver, Gold, leather and gemstone Jewellery.
With a heart guided by the moon and the beating of the drums, they are protectors, huntresses, faithful's, believer's. We know, we feel, and we continue to strengthen, we are the many...

We are The Spirit Warriors.

She will find nature infused Burlesque, Cyber Egyptian, cosmic Punk, Goth warrior and Native tribal styles.

He will find brutalist tribal infusions, protection amulets, a dash of animal nocturnals and all things that make the heart thrive.


Cosmic Twilight 2 layer moon and arrow necklace. Sterling silver

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large sterling silver egyptian ankh pendant with flower of life, by molax chopa tribe. london

Chopa Tribe - Tribal Warfare collection.

As we delve deeper, into the realms of our consciousness.
We find us, we, ourselves, the survivors.
Who thrive in the light and also in the darkness.

Facing the truths, becoming stronger.
Even though our days seem to be squandered.
Only the belief in a freedom that continues to strive us.
When no one culture or belief system can guide us.

We all have a message and deserve our song.
Thriving for all, for ALL to reach the dawns.
Battling obstacle's that attempt to side line us.
With clear minds, hearts and soulful guidance.

So when will you take the time - to come and join us.
As we are the tribal gods and goddesses of kindness...

We are the Spirit Warriors.

Mushroom rings