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Molax Chopa Tribe

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Sterling Silver jewellery hallmarked by the London Assay office. 

Please note most Jewellery items can be made in 925 Sterling Silver, 9k Gold & 18k in all colours.

(Please contact for materials other than silver.)

Tribal Influenced Handcrafted Jewellery by Molax Chopa

Molax Chopa: Silversmith, Visual Artist, Professional Photographer and playing cards designer.  Born London, United Kingdom. 

Molax has been designing and making  jewellery since Jan 2013.  Initially a hobby along side her professional photography career, but soon to become one of her greatest passions, the love of textures, colours, combining materials, and the endless creative possibilities for making something new and unique for people to stand out and express their nature to the world.   


"Nature, Peace, Burlesque, Native American, Tribal, Cyber and cosmic Japanese styles all embrace my soul, all as one heart beat, many spirits as one." 

"I hope you find great pleasure wearing my Jewellery, all work is made and designed with love.  Thank you."

Molax Chopa

Molax Chopa Lost Wax Carving 2
Molax Chopa Tribe
Molax Chopa Tribe
Molax Chopa Lost Wax Carving
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